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'Strategies for Performative Walks'

Conference Poster. 10th International Conference on The Image, Manchester School of Art,

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Conference Poster

'Contemporary Performance Almanac 2018'

Published in 2019, annual almanac listing details and work by artists and performers gathered from 2018. Personal Bio and details of the performance 'No holiday' are outlined on pages 119 & 120.

Contemporary Performance Almanac 2018


'Patrick S. Ford'

Short biographical introduction and description of the development work leading to the creation of the digital print 'District 7 Strata', 2018.

Magazine d'Art De Saigon

Issue No.4, Winter 2018

Magazine article

'Walking as Cartography: Collecting Colours in Saigon'

Article, first-person account outlining working practices.

'Lines of Desire' section of Livingmaps Review, online journal.

Volume 5, Autumn 2018    Article link

Journal article pdf

'Beyond the Pedestrian: Walking in Research, Theory and Practice'

Leaflet introducing the serial performance 'No holiday', printed and distributed to the participants of the one-day interdisciplinary event held at Liverpool University on Thursday 26th July

'No holiday' leaflet


'No holiday' performance at the Duration & Dialogue II Performance Art Festival, Toronto, Canada - January 28 (Toronto time), January 29 (Hong Kong). (address now disabled)

Festival Blog review by moderator Yan Zhou

'Performance Art as Redemption: Releasing Sisyphus'

Virtual presentation, CONTEMPART '17 - 6th International Contemporary Art Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

Conference Proceedings


'Nam Tam Wan 2016'

Book review and interview. 'Local Idea' section of the Lik Ink website and blog, Hong Kong.

Review and interview

'Nam Tam Wan 2016'

Hardback photographic book. Privately published, print-on-demand

60 photographs documenting the changing state of a beach on the island of Cheung Chau, Hong Kong.

Sample selection


'The Disappearance of Urban Comfort'

Opinion Article. Ming Pao Weekly, 12 Sept, Hong Kong.

Original and Translated versions

'Performance Art as Pilgrimage and Penance'

Presented at the conference

CONTEMPART '15 - 4th International Contemporary Art Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

Conference Proceedings


'Discovery and Creation in Art History Classes'

ICERI 2014 - 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, Spain

Conference Proceedings

'Learning on the Move: Appreciating Culture and Design in Osaka and Sasayama'

ICERI 2014 - 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, Spain

Conference Proceedings


'Learning on the Move: The Value of Student Cultural Study Trips'

Conference Proceedings: MEDIASIA 2013 - 4th Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication, Osaka, Japan

Conference Proceedings


Pre-School (Magazine), June

Article on Children's Arts & Crafts Playgroups

Playgroup Article 


World Sculpture News, Vol.8, No. 1 Winter,

Hong Kong Muse Gallery Exhibition Review

Hong Kong BC Magazine, Hong Kong Muse Gallery Exhibition Review

Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Newspaper, Saturday 22 December,

Hong Kong Muse Gallery Exhibition Review


Asian Architect & Contractor Magazine, May

Article on Architectural Modelmaking Including interview


The Architect's Journal, February

London Theatro Technis Exhibition Preview

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