IFFTI 2021- 

Fashion Resurgence: Our Time is Now.

Paper Presentation:

'Weaving Experience Into Memory': A cross disciplinary project investigating the intersection Art and Design.

This conference paper was presented jointly by Dr. Nina Yiu and Patrick S. Ford at the The International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes 2021 conference, held at the Pearl Academy, India. 

The paper presentation was delivered on day 3 of the conference, 28th October 2021, as part of the theme 'Incumbent'. 

A pdf of the full paper can be downloaded here.

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conversation on the theme of

'Connecting Communities'

This informal conversation, conducted in June 2021 with Dr. Nina Yiu, was part of ongoing series examining different ways of connecting with local communities and how local culture can be incorporated into education. Dr. Nina Yiu, Program Manager of Bachelor of Fashion Enterprise at RMIT Vietnam initiated a collaborative project between RMIT Vietnam and the Vietnam Women's Museum of Hanoi, during the Vietnam Festival of Media and Design 2019.

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GROW 2021 

Growing Your Apparel Business

With DTG 2021

On 18th April 2021, the GROW 2021 event was held at Le Meridien Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The event was hosted by Fluxmall DTG to an assembled audience of local designers, entrepreneurs, industry representatives and students. 

After an introduction to digital printing and its many applications by Fluxmall DTG managing director Dmitry Sarbaev as well as practical demonstrations by his team using the digital printing machines transported to the venue,  a panel discussion was held that examined how the local industry and design sector have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future may bring. 

The panel discussion was facilitated by Dmitry Sarbaev and featured contributions by:

Truong Ngoc Anh - CEO and founder of HNBMG  

Nguyen Thanh Tam - Senior Business Specialist of DuPont Speciality Products Vietnam Co., Ltd

Dr. Nina Yiu - Manager of the Fashion (Enterprise) Degree Programme at RMIT University, Vietnam

Patrick S. Ford - Artist and Associate Lecturer of Design Studies at RMIT University, Vietnam.

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'Weaving Experience

Into Memory'

Exhibition: November 16th - 22nd, 2020

L'Usine Phu My Hung, Crescent Mall Ground Floor

(Nguyen Khác Viên Entrance), D.7, HCMC

Exhibition of artworks by Nina Yiu & Patrick S. Ford. This exhibition, part of the Vietnam Festival of Creativity and Design 2020, comprises a collection of related artifacts that have been created in response to daily life and experience in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The initial creative process began with the development of a digital print and this then provided a thread or line of investigation that in turn influenced subsequent ideas and decisions.

The further development of the initial design necessitated experiments with different materials and techniques. Each of these stags in the ideation influenced the direction and nature of the overall creative approach. 

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