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Participation / Collaboration

'52 Scores' Collaborative Walking

December 21, 2019

On 22nd December Patrick joined another of the invitational collaborative walking events devised and organised by Dr. Blake Morris. This time Blake envisaged a marathon programme of walking events lasting an entire year. As the available time encompassed a planned trip to Da Lat in Vietnam, Patrick proposed Sunday 22nd December as the date on which he could join Blake, by walking at a distance in response to a score he had formulated during the previous week. 

A more detailed write-up of the walk can be read here.

More details of Blake's project '52 Scores' can be found here.

'British Summer Time' Collaborative Walking

October 25, 2019

On 26th October 2019 Patrick participated in another group walk organised by Dr. Blake Morris. In this project Blake examined the adjustment of clocks due to the end of British Summer Time and invited walkers to join him on a walk to observe the sunrise either in person or at a distance.

Patrick joined the 7th walk in the series, in Saigon where the sunrise was officially scheduled for 5:43 am. 

A write up of the walk experienced in Saigon can be found here.

More details of Blake's project 'British Summer Time can be found here.

'Ways to Wander' Collaborative Walking

In 2018 Patrick participated in four collaborative walks organised by Dr. Blake Morris, who planned to experience all of the 54 walks detailed in the book 'Ways to Wander' by Clare Qualmann and Clair Hind, published by Triarchy Press.

Blake himself had contributed walk #28 in the book.

Patrick participated at a distance, Blake in and around London while Patrick walked in Hong Kong on one occasion and three more occasions in Vietnam.

The four walks Patrick participated in are:


#9 - 'Walk With Me' by Helen Frosi (sound fjord)

#19 - 'City Centre' by Tom Hall

#48 - Walking With a Tennis Ball by Tobias Grice

#49 - 'Waylaid Walking' by Charlie Fox

'International Drawing Dialogue 2'

The second drawing dialogue project, again initiated by Gabriela Boiangiu, consisted of groups of 3 artists working in collaboration.

Patrick was grouped together with Jane Kennington of the UK and Georgia Boukla who had just moved to the UK.

Each artist initiated 4 drawings and then passed them to the next artist, who would add to what had been started previously before in turn passing them to the third artist.

Once the work had been completed, 12 drawings had been produced, each one displaying input from all three artists.

The resulting work was exhibited at the The Educational Research Centre in Katerini, northern Greece between

12-19 July 2018. The exhibition presented drawings by 15 artists from around the world.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, once again Patrick was not able to attend.

Links to related blog entries:

November 25, 2017 here, February 15, 2018 here and July 18, 2018 here.


March 12, 2018

On 13 March 2018, Patrick participated in a 'collaborative drawing performance installation' organised by Paul Sermon and Jeremy Radvan of the University of Brighton. 

The drawings were made simultaneously in Hong Kong and Brighton, UK via a Skype connection and all images made in both locations were combined via mobile-phone / projectors. 

The performance formed the opening event of the drawing exhibition and symposium entitled 'Marks make Meaning: drawing across disciplines' and allowed participants of the symposium to become involved in the event along with students of the University.

A blog post about the event can be read here.

Paul Sermon's Documentation about the event can be read here

The exhibition and symposium website can be found here.

'International Drawing Dialogue 1'

This drawing dialogue project was initiated and organised by Gabriela Boiangiu and consisted of 9 pairs of artists who responded to each others work.


Patrick was paired with Martyn Hill of the UK. While Martyn worked on his set of 4 drawings in the UK Patrick worked on his own set of 6 drawings in Hong Kong. The drawings were then exchanged and each artist attempted to respond to what the other had done.

The resulting work was exhibited at Dalga Art in Craiova, Romania between 24th - 27th July 2016. Unfortunately Patrick was not able to attend but did participate in the accompanying conference via Skype.

Link to the original blog entry here.


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