Experience Mapping


The Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography 2021

 'Playing out'

Sat 4th & Sun 5th September 2021
Huddersfield University, UK


'Experience Mapping' is an attempt to create a virtual map of the collective experiences of 4WCOP participants, whether they be physical or virtual participants.

The project has been created by Patrick S. Ford and Dr. Nina, Yiu Lai Lei.

The map aims to represent the collective experience of the allotted time of the congress, not a specific geographical location.

Willing participants are invited to take photographs as they take a walk during the allotted time of the congress, on the way to or from an event or during one of the physical events. 

If you would like to participate, please take one or two photographs, record the time the photograph was taken and also what activity was brought to mind during that walk, meditative or playful, along with any other significant observations.

The images and descriptions should be emailed to:


All accumulated images and information will be combined into a single map that represents the collective experience of the weekend as a virtual location.

The completed map will be displayed on this page and a pdf version will be sent out to all participants. 

A recording of the presentation can be viewed here.

A pdf version of the Experience Mapping project introduction that was presented at the 4WCOP 2021 on Saturday 4th September, 10-10:30 am can be downloaded below:

'Experience Mapping' pdf